Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eco Event in Singapore

A trade show and conference, where businesses can learn about the latest insights and best practices in the green economy will take place in April 8-10 at the Suntec International Conferenc and Exhibition Centre, Singapore. Its called the Eco World 2010.

ECO World 2010 aims to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle through the sharing of knowledge relating to sustainable development solutions. One of the highlights of ECO World 2010 is the two-day trade conference featuring local and regional key opinion leaders, including The Carbon Neutral Company; who will be sharing green business strategies and its best practices for success. Besides the conference, ECO World 2010 will feature innovations and green solutions from the sectors of construction, lifestyle, technology and waste management. Some of the exhibiting companies include: Centre for Livable Cities, Dayen Environment Ltd, ecoWise Holdings Ltd, IBM, LHT Holdings Ltd, Spicers Paper Pte Ltd, Termimesh Singapore, Tetra Pak and The Green Car Company Pte Ltd. There will also be an international pavilion featuring sustainable solutions from Costa Rica, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Brazil and Spain. The rapid economic growth experienced in Asia over the last decades has exerted considerable pressure on the environmental sustainability of the region. It is estimated that almost 55%* of the population in Asia will be living in urban areas by 2030. This translates to an increase in production and consumption of energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as further degradation of scarce resources such as water supplies, forests and agricultural land.

I think this is a good direction that Singapore is taking to promote eco-friendly businesses in Singapore. I just hope that the conference itself will be eco-friendly..

Tip of the day: If you're having a party and plan to buy plastic plates and utensils, remember to buy the eco-friendly ones made out of corn or is biodegradable. If not, just rinse and recycle the disposable plates :) Its not too much work to save the Earth.

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