Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Singapore's Green Effort

Thanks to the local building industry's recycling efforts, the Singapore's government has launched a $15 million fund to help these companies adopt more sustainable processes.

Demolition contractors, recyclers, and ready-mixed concrete suppliers can now get a piece of the Sustainable Construction Capability Development Fund to introduce and upgrade their recycled building products says Senior Minister of State for National Development for Grace Fu, who was speaking at the opening of a recycling technology project by local company Samwoh Corporation. If need be, the Government may top up the fund in the future. The Building and Construction Authority plans to increase demand for recycled materials by requiring building owners aiming for the top grades of its environmentally friendly building programme to adopt sustainable construction methods. To give users more confidence in using recycled concrete, the Government will require all ready-mixed concrete makers for the Singapore market to be certified according to new standards from October onwards.

Tip of the day: Use a rinse free hand sanitiser as your handwash in your toilet so it'll save water by not having to rinse and paper hand towels cos you don't have to wipe your hands dry. And when its emptied out, remember to throw it into the recycling bin :)

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