Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Green and Grateful.

Since the launch of our franchise in Adelaide at the beginning of September this year, we have received a wave of support from our new clients. Green Cleaners has always taken pride in being the best in every aspect, and from using our own eco-friendly, plant derived cleaning products to training our staff to provide you with 5 star service on every appointment, we strive to give you excellence.

We are overwhelmed by the warm welcome we have received, and look forward to being able to serve more families who have made the smart choice of going green. It fills us with great joy to know that our clients feel the difference of clean in its truest, greenest form.

One of our new clients has been generous enough to share their experience after having our staff service their home:

It is some years since I have had a cleaner and this time around I wanted to make sure that my cleaner shared my values in regard to caring for our earth and our health and would use only environmentally friendly cleaning products. I found Green Cleaners on the internet and was impressed by their website, which looked highly professional, yet friendly and easy to use. These first impressions carried through the entire process. Renato called me and arranged a time to come and see my home, discuss my needs and their services in order to provide me with a quote. 

I had several other quotes from other cleaning services also claiming to use ‘friendly’ products but Green Cleaners stood out as begin highly professional, really knowing their products and being committed to this healthier choice. Their quote was more expensive but I was willing to pay more to put my money where my values lie. Renato offered me a trial clean at a reduced cost, which I took up and was delighted with the result. The team were every bit professional, extremely thorough and efficient, and committed to green products. I have now signed up for regular cleans and am looking forward to life in my clean and healthy home.

Mrs. C, Henley Beach

It is because of such clients that we work tirelessly to provide you with the best option when it comes to ensuring the safety and health of you and your family. So from our Green Cleaners family to yours, thank you very much!

Monday, September 29, 2014

What Takes Your Breath Away?

For most of us, a beautiful sunset, the ocean crashing waves upon the shore and a perfect summer wedding lead us to hold our breath. Excitement and adventure are moments that take our breath away. However, for a large number of people, their breath is cut short by a common, difficult respiratory illness - asthma.

By definition, asthma is a respiratory condition marked by attacks of spasm in the bronchi of the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing. Although usually connected to allergic reactions and other forms of hypersensitivity, did you know that there are other odd things that can trigger an asthma attack? If you or someone you care about suffers from asthma, it is important to be aware of triggers so you can help prevent an attack.


Research has shown that there is a dramatic increase in asthma related attacks that cause people to turn up at the emergency room in hospitals in the wake of a thunderstorm. Doctors are still unsure of the specific reasoning behind this, but studies have revealed that this could be due to the increase of pollen that is released in the air during a storm.


When you're stressed, you tend to feel a tightening in your chest. Anxiety causes shortness of breath and unfortunately for people that have asthma this could turn into a full fledged attack if they don't step back and try to relax. Stress can even cause non-asthmatics to develop asthma like symptoms.

Food Additives/Preservatives.

Some food colouring and flavouring agents have been found to trigger asthma attacks. Although there has not been any final research to reveal a certain connection, the argument stands that some people who have asthma are unable to properly digest certain food such as those high in nitrates.


Extreme waves of emotion such as intense laughter or uncontrollable weeping also tend to prompt asthma attacks in people due to the change in breathing patterns. Some people might not be aware until it has become a full on asthma attack, mistaking it for a simple shortness of breath due to the strength of emotion they have experienced.

GERD/Acid Reflux.

Acid Reflux/GERD can cause horrid pain and burning up your throat especially when you lie down. Acid backs up and causes a reaction in your airways - be wary as it can be tricky to determine whether you are experiencing an attack or suffering through the symptoms of reflux.

Are you asthmatic, or know someone who is? Share your personal triggers and help others prevent an attack in the future. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Potty Training 101

Not quite as you know it! We've all heard the expression 'if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down', and no one really likes discussing 'their business'. We totally get you. However, there are some very basic things found at home that should NEVER be flushed down the toilet - and we're going to tell you why.

1. Bathroom wipes – these moist towelettes are becoming an increasingly popular bathroom accessory. Despite the fact that they’re marketed to be flushed like toilet paper, these wipes are creating clogs and backups in sewer systems around the world! (Same thing goes for actual baby wipes and cleaning wipes).

2. Condoms – They probably seem small and very similar to toilet tissue, but these latex prophylactics are like kryptonite for septic tanks and sewage treatment plants. They actually end up resembling fish in the sewer when they fill with air - pretty grim, right? Remember also that there are people who have jobs that require them to clear out what we flush out and some consideration goes a long way. 

3. Cotton Balls & Swabs – They might seem soft and tiny especially when they're all soggy, so it makes sense to flush them out, right? Wrong! They eventually gather together in bends of the pipe, causing massive blockages. 
4. Prescription Medication – A common mistake we make is thinking that we're doing the smart thing by flushing expired medication to keep them out of children's reach. In reality though it's actually extremely dangerous to do so. Medication destroy bacteria, have terrible effects on wildlife downstream and contaminate groundwater supplies. 

5. Paper towels – Not only are they wasteful (we recommend using reusable rags instead) but they are also NOT designed to breakdown the way toilet paper does. So if you do have to use them, know that flushing them down causes huge problems for the sewage system.
6. Disposable diapers – just because there’s poop in it, doesn’t mean it belongs in the toilet. Nappies are made from toxic plastic designed to actually expand when it comes in contact with water. In half the time it took you to wrestle that thing down the toilet, it will come back up and cause a massive flush flow problem.

7. Cat litter – It might make sense to flush down your furry pet's business, but cat litter is made from clay and sand, two things that you should NEVER put down a toilet. Not to mention that cat waste contains toxins and parasites that shouldn’t be in our water system.

8. Dental floss – Despite feeling like string, dental floss is not biodegradable. Once flushed, it loves to wrap itself around other objects in the pipeline, making tiny clogs bigger in an instant. Imagine a tough spider web that causes objects to get trapped inside the drainage - not a pretty picture!
There you have it. The next time you think of flushing things down your toilet, think of how it could come back and contaminate our water supply as well as how it affects the steady flow of our sewage systems. 


Monday, September 22, 2014

Surviving the Haze!

Haze is an atmospheric condition where particles, smoke, dust and moisture suspend in the air obscuring visibility. In Southeast Asia, haze poses a serious and recurring problem every year, particularly between May to October, due to the burning of forests in some countries to clear land. As most of you probably realize by now, the haze has been getting worse each year and today we wanted to discuss simple ways you can protect yourself and your family from the effects of haze exposure.

Minimise outdoor activities, especially strenuous ones such as sports and working out. 

When we workout and engage in physical activities our breathing gets heavy and our lungs are open to irritants in the air. Try to minimise the time you spend outside, and keep your family otherwise occupied by planning activities at home. The fine particles in the haze are toxic and when inhaled can enter the bloodstream and underlying tissue, causing respiratory problems, headaches and a decrease in your systems immunity.

When indoors, keep all doors and windows closed. 

Turn your fans on, or if you prefer, your air-con units. However, make sure that the filters are clean, and that the air being circulated inside your home is pure.

If you need to go outside, wear a mask.

Respiratory masks such as the N95 are effective when it comes to filtering out harmful particles in the air. Don't scrimp on these, either - replace them when they become soiled and distorted in shape. They can easily be bought in any polyclinic or pharmacy near you.

Boost your immune system. 

Drink lots of water to flush out any toxins from your body, and do as your mother says - eat lots of fruit, leafy greens and fish filled with omega 3! It is always a good plan to stay on a healthy diet, but more so now with the haze.

Keep up to date with local air quality reports. 

Recommended precautions you should take will usually be given in the form of advisories based on the latest air condition. So it is recommended that you check your local health authority’s website regularly for the latest air quality update. For Singapore, you can visit http://www.nea.gov.sg/psi/. 

Stay safe and be alert, everyone!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mother (Nature) Knows Best!

As our lives become busier and more stressful, it is easy to gravitate towards the latest products that promise to make tedious chores easier. Need a bathroom cleaner? On your next trip to the store, you grab one of the many bright and colorful bottles promising to be a quick fix. But did you ever think about what's in that container?

Whether you're a housekeeper who cleans with these products all day or someone who cleans your own home regularly, you should take the time to consider the fact that majority of cleaning products are made up of harsh cocktails of chemicals, which can be bad for your health -- and your kids' health. As people rethink what they're bringing into their homes, they're looking for greener solutions.


  1. Healthier Home
    If you go green, no longer will there be chemicals absorbed into the skin or breathed in by the person cleaning. Health benefits extend to family members who are no longer breathing in cleaners lingering in the air and sitting on surfaces.
    Studies have shown that using a household cleaning spray, even as little as once a week, raises the risk of developing asthma. Using green cleaning products can reduce the chances of developing asthma, which today is the most common chronic illness and the leading cause of school absences due to chronic illness across the country.
  2. Purer Environment
    When you use many cleaning products, harmful chemicals are being released into the environment; not great for you and the people around you to breathe in.
    Changing to greener methods helps reduce pollution to our waterways and the air and it minimizes your impact on ozone depletion and global climate change with fewer smog-producing chemicals. Many green products also use recyclable packaging which minimizes waste.
  3. Safer Products
    Conventional cleaning products pose risks such as chemical burns to the cleaner's skin and eyes. Green cleaners aren't corrosive and meet strict standards regarding inhalation toxicity, combustibility and skin absorption.
  4. Better Air Quality
    As with most people, we can't stand the stench of strong chemical odors. Many green cleaning products -- including store bought and ones you can make at home -- include pleasant natural essential oils.
  5. Less Expensive

    Investing in green products also makes sense for companies. The cost of environmentally friendly cleaning products has become much more competitive, while cleaning in an environmentally sound way reduces the risk of sick days for employees and the risk of fires and chemical spills.
  6. Fewer Antibacterials
    They have long since debunked the idea of washing your hands with antibacterial soap - it even promotes bacterial resistance to antibiotics! Good thing that most green or environmentally friendly cleaning products don't contain antibacterial agents.
  7. More Knowledge of Ingredients
    Government regulations don't require ingredients to be listed on any cleaning products. This is another reason we advocate thorough research - companies that produce true, organic and earth conscious cleaning products will tell you everything you need and want to know because they have nothing to hide!

As concerns for health become more prevalent and people become more aware of the harsh effects cleaning chemicals are having, they're going back to basics and looking for greener ways to clean.

For products that are safe, effective and proven to be as green as it gets, check out http://www.greencleaners.asia/products.asp
and if you're following us from Adelaide, please visit our website to find out more about how we can help you as you explore the greener path: http://www.greencleaners.com.au/

Monday, September 15, 2014

Health is Wealth.

In the same way you look after your body by eating right, keeping fit and living well, a healthy business is a strong business. In this day and age of competitive markets, it is absolutely vital that you focus on the right investments to help your business grow.

In such a fierce landscape, more businesses are realizing that their workplace can be a strategic business tool and its care is vital to protecting its most valuable asset—its workers.

Recent studies have shown that buildings that go green have measurable financial gains due to employee health, productivity, and retention as well as lower operating costs. Also, as more and more businesses benefit from green cleaning, their individual impact grows exponentially to reach a global scale.

Research has revealed that facilities that switch to green cleaning have dramatically reduced employee sick days by 30%, 10% of whom suffered from illnesses caused by "Sick Building Syndrome". SBS effects range from headaches, nausea and respiratory problems caused by poor indoor air quality, chemicals from carpets and upholstery, mould build up and poor lighting.

Get the most out of your business by ensuring that your employees are at their healthiest!

Numerous businesses have already chosen to jump onto the green cleaning bandwagon - if you haven't done so, make sure to read up on the claims of greenery that cleaning companies promise to deliver. Just as you would only give your body the best to stay in the best of health, choose a green cleaning company that aims to improve the health of your business and employees alike.

For genuine green cleaning services, check us out in Singapore at www.greencleaners.asia and in Adelaide at www.greencleaners.com.au

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Introducing our Green Cleaners team in Adelaide

Green Cleaners is internationally known for offering the highest standards of professional cleaning to protect your health without harming the environment, therefore creating a healthier home and a better environment for you and your loved ones. We are proud to bring our environmental knowledge and service expertise to Adelaide, combined with local South Australian owned and operated core values and commitment from our Master Franchisors, Renato & Ida Forte.

Both Renato & Ida are born and bred in Adelaide and they will bring together the skills acquired over 35 years of experience working in the retail and public sectors of the community towards supplying the Green Cleaners brand and ensuring the delivery of a benchmark of services that are recognized and sought after within industry for the value of their clients.

Renato started his working career with 20 years in a retail business, running in partnership with Co-Director and wife Ida Forte. He then worked the following 12 years in the a public hospital sector as Property Services Manager. He has completed a Certificate IV in front line management and recently completed a training course in OH&S regulations codes and practices in the workplace.

Ida's career has lead to the health sector too, working at an aged care facility as a Divisional Therapist for the last 15 years and finding her niche in assisting the residents with daily activities, giving her great satisfaction as the residents embrace her creativity and friendship.

They would like to move forward now and engulf the following cliche – if you do something you enjoy, you won’t have to work another day in your life.

Together, Renato and Ida bring the skills acquired by working in the retail and management role towards supplying the Green Cleaners brand. Embracing the commitment of Green Cleaners – to offer the highest standards of cleaning to protect health, without harming the environment.

Their goal, is to be part of the delivery of a benchmark of services that are recognized and sought after within industry.

To find out how Renato and Ida can be the healthier choice for your home, your family and our environment, visit Green Cleaners Adelaide today: www.greencleaners.com.au

Friday, September 12, 2014

Green Cleaners Launches in Australia!

G’day Adelaide! Green Cleaners can now be found in South Australia with the launch of our first Australian Franchise.

We’ll be delivering the same 5* standards of service and cleaning using our healthier eco-friendly products and we’ve got plenty of great welcome offers for new clients; so spread the word and request a quote today! www.greencleaners.com.au

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What A Wonderful World.

Here's a bit of midweek inspiration to remind you all to slow down and embrace the beauty that resides in the place we call home.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Build A Business, Save the Planet!

Feeling a burning desire to take your entrepreneurship to a new level? Saving the Earth does not have to be down solely to lifestyle - spread the green and share the love by making the world a better place to live all year round! Here are some of the booming business ideas that have taken flight all over the globe. Have a gander and see if anything tugs at your heartstrings and draws you in for an eco-adventure into being self employed.

1. Handmade products that are organic/natural.

Soaps, lip balm, and even cleaning products can be created with things you can find at home, or at a market. Recipes that are easy to follow are readily available online, but not everyone has the time or patience to actually create them. If you package them and sell them as sets, clients will jump at the chance to have these items on hand without having to dig into their own time and resources.

2. Eco-Event Planning.

Whether it's a big bash or a simple get together, it has become very common for a lot of people to hire event coordinators to deal with the details of their party plans. Why not offer a better, healthier alternative? Your main selling point can be the marriage of two wonderful ideas - the party you're planning and saving the Earth! Find green venues, recyclable (or recycled) party materials and create sustainable event management ties that are good for the environment. 

3. Recycled Fashion.

We don't mean bell bottoms that have come back with a vengeance or ripped biker jeans that are back on the runway - we mean actual organic materials used to make beautiful scarves, dresses and accessories! You'd be surprised what creative minds (and hands) can do with fabric scraps and other reusable material.

4. Earth Friendly Landscaping.

Think you may have a green thumb that's just bursting to come out? Offer homeowners your time and eco friendly techniques to maintain a greener garden - drought resistant plants and synthetic turf as well as trees grown strategically saves money, energy and water.

5. Franchise an already established Green Company.

As with every business, building your way up from scratch can be quite a feat; it can be intimidating, time consuming and frustrating especially if you're unsure about a lot of things. Why not opt to do research on companies that have already hit markets and made a big splash? Remember to consider how green they actually are, and also keep in mind why you are doing this to begin with. If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, look to a company that has already been known to do exactly that.

If you need a little guidance, check us out at http://www.greencleaners.asia/franchise.asp