Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Sustainable Dinner

Hello everyone! How is your Saturday going so far? Mine is just gonna be a chilled out Saturday (I hope).

So I had a really enjoyable Friday night, thanks to the company I had and plus, I attended an event held at the United World College by Dover Rd, which was put together by the students there. The theme was "Sustainable Dinner" and Green Cleaners were invited to attend and put up a stall there to raise awareness of eco-friendly cleaning alternatives. There were a few other stalls up, all concerning the environment and of course our fellow friends, the animals, that we share the Earth with.

It was my first ever event that I attended which was held in a school and I must say they did a very good job at it. Natural products, e.g leaves and plants, were used as the main decor, vegetarian food was served and we were encouraged to eat with our hands, which in some Asian culture is a very natural thing to do and environmentally friendly as well. You just need to wash your hands and thats it. No utensils required. And no, it is not a barbaric thing to do. It is making use of what you already have as a tool. But of course this is mainly for rice dishes.

I really thought it was nice that the teachers are emphasizing on the need to be mindful of the environment and the animals to their students because I, for one, strongly believe that we should start teaching children at a young age and they in turn can educate their parents on it and make their parents change their ways especially in recycling, eating organic food, supporting organic farmers and using Earth friendly products.

It's always easy changing an "old" mind when children are the ones educating the older generation. It's amazing how children can influence and change an adult mind. Even I became much more concerned once I became a mom, because as a parent you need to know what goes in your baby's lil tummy and plus they just love putting things into their mouth and of course you what to make sure that whatever it is, it'll be safe for your lil one; as we all know that they are highly sensitive individuals.

I think it's time the local schools make themselves more involved in educating students on environmental concerns because it will (or it has) affect each and every one of us once we all are no longer in denial....

Tip of the day: If you're still using the old flush system where there is only the full flush available, you can put a big plastic bottle (with water inside to weigh it down) and put it inside the flush tank, so it will refill with half the amount of water thinking that it is full.

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