Thursday, March 4, 2010

If U.K can do it, why can't we?

The U.K government has plans to upgrade 7 MILLION homes in Britain to be more energy efficient by 2020, cutting carbon-dioxide emissions and reducing fuel bills.

The “eco-upgrades” include installing smart meters, which allow customers to monitor and reduce their energy use, in all homes by 2020 and cut carbon emissions from home by 29 percent by then. It also aims for insulation in all possible lofts and cavity walls by 2015. Research has shown that more than a quarter of carbon emissions come from homes so it is necessary for people to make the improvements that will lead them to smarter use of energy. Home owners, private landlords and tenants will receive help to achieve this.

I think this is a good move as they will definitely save on their electricity bill, which always increases every other month! and plus we are running out of the black gold aka oil. If they are able to make the move, why is it so difficult for other countries to follow suit? Are they worried that the power supply companies are gonna be upset as there'll be less usage, hence less profit for them? I'm sure it is achievable e.g they can change the street lamps to solar powered ones for starters so less electricity would be used in the country. Is the Earth not important enough for us to save it? What about their fellow country men? I guess money is more important to them. What do you think?

Tip of the day: Buy your own solar powered lamp! Charge it by the window or wherever the sun hits most and use it at night :)

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