Saturday, March 27, 2010

Its Earth Hour Today... please do not forget the whole purpose of the Earth Hour. In my previous blog entry, I mentioned to you that Orchard Road is joining in on the Earth Hour and there will be a live music performance, star-gazing and other activities, depending on which mall you're heading to.

The Earth Hour is not about being in or enjoying a party, it's about creating awareness, it is actually about the Earth. We humans have rapidly deteriorated Earth's health and are continuing in doing so without a hint of guilt. Well the majority of us are not doing anything to help heal her or maybe are doing it just to be seen doing it. It's not about jumping on the bandwagon and hitching along for the ride. The people who really care for the Earth are actually hoping that this will catch on as a daily basis, where we incorporate it into our daily lives, not just a yearly ritual or occult.

You might be thinking 'at least people are joining in' but what is the point if it is once a year and people don't make it a habit to save electricity or recycle at the very least? Saving the Earth has to start in the home where you can teach the elder generations and of course our children on simple daily routines that will help Mother Earth and create a better and a more self-sufficient future for our future generation. We need to set them in the right direction so they will continue walking on the right path..

Tip of the day: Why not go a day doing something Earth friendly? Go for a walk in the park, have an eco-friendly picnic, go cycling or roller-blading in East Coast.. Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Saturday!

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