Monday, April 5, 2010

Suffering from the Monday Blues?

Why not enjoy some eco-sex to wash away the blues :)

That's what Stephanie Iris Weiss book is called. Here are some tips from her book for the eco-friendly people who want to green up their sex life! Tip no.1: Have sex on a natural latex mattress. Not only is it more eco-friendly but it's also less bouncy :) Tip no.2: Use biodegradable or fair-trade condoms :) Tip no.3: Use organic aphrodisiacs (if u need to). Examples are avocado and chocolate for women and basil, bay leaf and cinnamon for the men :) Condoms usually get thrown in the toilet after use and ends up in the water system or worse the oceans which can cause danger to the marine life or sea birds. Throw them away responsibly. Have a guilt free pleasure! I'll probably get the book and see if there's any interesting tips in there :)

Tip of the day: Please refer to article above.

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