Thursday, April 15, 2010

Walk on Glass!

A new type of pavement mix called filterpave is now available in the market.

This new pavement mix is made almost completely of recycled glass. The recycled glass is rolled to shave off sharp edges, mixed, poured and smoothed making both colourful and eco-friendly pavements. Sounds magical!!! Imagine when sunlight falls on it and all the colours it'll give off :)

Since it is twice as porous as concrete or asphault, and even though it is more expensive, with it being twice as porous means that it is actually the same price because you basically can use half as much :) The glass will absorb oils and things out of a car that is dripping and instead of staining the concrete and the oil running into the stream, it actually filters down into the glass so it will leak into the system instead of the stream.

More tests need to be done to see whether it can be used on major roadways, so for the time being Missouri will be using the eco-friendly warm-mix asphault on highways instead. Alot of emission is reduced because instead of heating normal asphault up to 300 degrees Farenheit, you only need to warm this eco-friendly one up.

Carbon Dioxide emissions will be reduced by 20-40%, Sulfur Dioxide by 20-35%, Carbon Monoxide by 10-30% Volatile Organic Compounds by 50% and Nitrous Oxides by 70%. The road last longer, it helps the environment and saves tax payers money! What more can you ask for!

Tip of the day: We live in the tropical region, which is very, very hot (and getting hotter). So wouldn't it make sense to shower in regular, tap water instead of switching on the heater and using warm water instead? You will definitely cool down and not feel so warm when you step out of the shower and won't be tempted to switch on the air-conditioning, right..

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