Friday, April 9, 2010

Lets Go Back To The Tiffin Wallah days!

Do you buy take away or pack lunch for yourself or your kids, in disposables? Well, maybe it's a time for a change!

Why not pack your lunch in a reusable lunch products? I know it is more convenient to use disposables, you just pack it and throw it when you're done.

But have you thought about the consequences of your actions? With plastic clogging up our rivers and oceans, and plus filling up the landfills, do you think these disposables are worth it? I think not.

So why not convert yourself to reusables. There are so many nice reusable lunch boxes now available in the market :) and seeing them makes me wanna buy all of them! Its sooooo nice! But I have to stop myself cos one is enough for the time being.. I'll be able to buy another set when my son starts school :) or as presents. I know in Singapore it is very seldom that we pack our lunches. Usually we eat out and these food places usually serve food in proper plates and utensils. But if you are the type who likes to control what you or your child eats, then please do convert to a reusable lunch box instead of disposables. It will save you money in the long run and you will be teaching your child and those around you a step in going green. If our grandparents or parents used to use the tiffins (the metal tins stacked on top of each other to transport food) then why can't we? Convenience is not the way unless it has a green purpose..

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