Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pest problems?

Some farmers in India are adopting eco-friendly methods to get rid of pests by using insect trappers instead of chemical pesticides.

The insect trapper has not only reduced their pesticide and labour expenditure, but also the use of strong chemicals in cultivation. The main advantage of this trapper is that it is more effective at night, as the light sliders attached to it attracts the insects, which cause them to fall into a bucket of water and diesel and subsequently die (even though they are insects, I somehow still feel their pain). It is a plus point using these trappers.

Your mind would be at ease that at least the farmed goods will be free of pesticides so you or your loved ones won't consume it but they can go one step farther by using natural fertilizers, example dung, instead of the chemically processed ones.. It will save them more money as well, as they have an abundance of cows grazing around :) If all farmers were to adopt eco-friendly methods of farming like this insect trapper, it will lessen the pollution and contamination of the Earth's soil and water..

Tips of the day: You can make your own fertilizers by using egg shells (dry it and crush them into powder, then sprinkle it on the soil) or you can sprinkle lime juice in the soil. Rabbit droppings work great as well! :)

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