Sunday, April 4, 2010

Loving the high life....

And not willing to let go of every goodness that comes with it?

Well there is one less thing that you have to do without in order to be green and that is the all time favourite of the elitists - CAVIAR. Greg Barker, the British MP for Bexhill and Battle, has revealed a financial interest in a British firm that produces ethical caviar in Latvia. Hey that rhymes.. Caviar in Latvia haha.

Ok, let us continue. So unlike traditional caviar, which is obtained by killing the ENDANGERED sturgeon, it is extracted by massaging it out of the live farmed fish which swim away when the process is complete. The sturgeon, which can live for the 35 years, then grow more eggs, 14 months later. Thats longer than the human reproductive cycle..

In addition to being less cruel, the technique helps to reduce the damage to wild sturgeon stocks. Over-fishing and poaching have devastated the traditional caviar fisheries in the Caspian Sea. The brand, Mottra (an ethical and sustainable business) was served at Tatler magazine's 300th anniversary party at the Frieze art fair. Penelope Cruz, the film star, has bought several pots from Harvey Nichols in London. Other fans of this ethical caviar include Rick Stein, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracy Emin. So enjoy your caviar, if it's from Mottra!

Tips of the days: Since it is the rainy season again here (well, it has been raining everyday), put your indoor plants out for some fresh, natural water. Your plants will definitely enjoy the outdoors more than the indoors.

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