Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BLOG 100!!

It's 100th post, so to celebrate we're looking at the 100 wealthiest eco entrepeneurs. The global rich are going green as never before. This first Sunday Times Green Rich List (May 2009) shows that the enthusiasm among the world’s wealthiest for investments in areas as diverse as electric cars, solar power and geothermal energy is unaffected by the recession.

1 Warren Buffett USA £27bn Wind power

2 Bill Gates USA £26bn Renewable fuel

3 Ingvar Kamprad Sweden £22bn Renewable energy

4 Marcel Brenninkmeijer Holland £19bn Natural power

5 Mukesh Ambani India £15bn Life sciences

6 Michael Bloomberg USA £14.4bn Natural energy

7 Michael Otto Germany £13.2bn Green products

8 Paul Allen USA £11.5bn Natural fuels

9 Donald Bren USA £8.2bn Environmental research

10= Sergey Brin USA £7.5bn Green energy

10= Larry Page USA £7.5bn Green energy

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