Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are Your Floors Pesticide Free?

Just because you don't use pesticides, doesn't mean that your home is free of them. Think about it, if your friend has been walking across treated lawns all day and then parades around your home all shoe-laden, he or she could be tracking in trace amounts of pesticides. Furthermore, the people who owned your home before you could have sprayed their gardens, and years later, you could end up with residual amounts of poison on your floors.

A recently conducted study, the first of its kind, aimed to generate data on pesticide residue in homes. The study surveyed occupants on their pesticide use and other housing factors. The findings? We have "measurable" levels of contamination in our homes.

While this is nothing to freak right out about, it is an opportunity to develop awareness. The pesticide levels were low overall, but the insecticide levels were high enough to warrant concerns about potential exposure.

Pesticides that were removed from the market several years ago, were found on floors during this study. If pesticides and insecticides are powerful enough to withstand harsh weather elements, kill pests, and remain in your home for years, is it really something you want to expose your families to?

Here are some tips for keeping pesticides off your floors.

Take off your shoes before entering the home.
Don't use pesticides.
Steer clear of topical flea medications that contain tetrachlorvinphos and other carbamates.
Prevent the flow of moisture as this will prevent pests and thus eliminating the need for pesticides.

Pesticides threaten your health and the health of the environment. It's becoming increasingly important that we reduce or eliminate our use of these toxic chemicals. With these simple tips, you can start today in the place it is most important: your home.

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