Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Have a Green Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner and like any other celebration that usually means two things: spending cash, and decorating with props. Props like costumes, scary skeletons, tombstones and eerie lights that cast an orange-ish glow all are part of the fun and they help create fond memories for kids and adults alike.

It’s all part of bringing in the Halloween spirit so how can you preserve the fun and still do something to reduce impact on the environment? We’ve pulled together some easy tips and they’re centered around three words – reduce, reuse and recycle.

1.Costumes are an essential part of every Halloween celebration and a great alternative to shopping for something new every year is to attend a costume exchange party. It’s a spooky twist on traditional clothing exchange parties, and if there aren’t any happening in your circle of friends host one!

2.Jack-O’-Lanterns are a wonderful way to decorate because they’re almost entirely organic. Pumpkin seeds can make a great snack when roasted and the other remains left after carving are easily compostable.

3.It’s fun to pass out handfuls of candy to ghouls and ghosts trick or treating, but it can lead to waste as kids accumulate mounds of candy – more than they’ll eat. The solution? Hand out one piece at a time, let them work for their stockpiles!

4.If you end up with extra candy, get the family together and pull off the wrappers. Then compost it rather than throwing it in the trash where it will end up in our landfills.

5.Those wrappers you pulled off? Create something unique out of them! Crafts are one idea, or some companies are even making handbags. You could also post free candy wrappers on Freecycle and someone may grab them.

6.Hanging up electric Halloween lights? There are energy friend LED lights available which will last longer and use less power.

7.Rather than drive house to house while trick or treating, walk!

8.When sending out invitations to your party, e-mail them out instead of printing them.

9.Markets provide local, inexpensive outlets for finding pumpkins and apples to complement your haunted cuisine.

10.Lastly, carry two bags when out trick or treating. One for trash and one for candy.

Have fun! :)

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