Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dyson launches bladeless fan

Inventor James Dyson has launched a bladeless fan which he hopes will be a healthy and environmentally-friendly alternative to air conditioning. The 62-year-old designer, who gave his name to the bagless vacuum cleaner, said the bladeless fan stops the unpleasant "turbulent buffeting" of traditional desk fans, creating a smooth, constant air flow "like a breeze".

Mr Dyson said the fan, which costs from £199 (approx S$445), could replace unhealthy and uneconomical air conditioning systems. "If only we could open a window and use a fan then we would be saving a huge amount of electricity, and stopping the emission of HFCs and also having a much healthier environment," he said.

"I hope that it will start to replace air conditioning, which is unhealthy and very bad for the environment, because this uses one-50th of the electricity of air conditioning." He added that the fan delivers a "much smoother air flow" than traditional models, was so safe you could put your hand through it while it was switched on, and was also easy to clean.

"A fan with blades chops up the air and sends sort of slices of cake, blocks of air, at you so you feel a buffeting, a turbulent buffeting, when it hits you and it's not really very pleasant," he said. "But because there are no blades you're getting very smooth air, like a breeze, so it's constant and smooth so it's very comfortable to be in front of it.

"There's just as much air flow, and just as much speed, but it's comfortable to be in front of it. And people actually say that, because it's a constant stream, it's much more cooling - I don't know whether technically it's more cooling but it feels like it."

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