Monday, February 7, 2011

Small Changes = Big Difference: Going Green Made Easy

Ready to make some eco-friendly changes, but not sure where to begin? Start with the things you do each day: chores!

Yes, even small shifts in your daily cleaning routines can have positive effects on the planet – it really is amazing how much of a difference we can make should we just take certain things into consideration. Some people have a sense that green cleaning either requires more effort or is more expensive, while others are doubtful that it even works. These are myths! As for those who do wish to make a change, no day but today, right?

Add these simple tips to your daily chore toolbox and you'll be a green, clean, dirt-fighting machine in no time. Going green takes some time to figure out, but once you get it, you're set for life.

Go Green: Use a detergent designed for cold water. Choosing cold water for each load saves energy- which is good for the planet, and money – which is good for your wallet! Don’t worry, because cold-friendly detergents are formulated to fight dirt and stains just as well as their warm-water counterparts.
Go Greener: Ditch your bleach for a better brightener, like sodium percarbonate which is found in many common laundry products. While bleach pollutes our water systems and is a lung irritant, sodium percarbonate is a natural mineral that's just as effective at getting out stains.

Go Green: Invest in Green Cleaners' Dishwash liquid! Our products are respectful to the aquatic life, meet strict biodegradability standards and reduce packaging with our revolutionary concentrate concept.

Go Green: Place a stylish and sturdy welcome mat at your door. This decreases the amount of dirt tracked into the house, which leads to less vacuuming time later on.

Grocery Shopping
Go Green: Bring your own reusable totes to the store. There are available options almost anywhere, and most grocery stores have them on hand near the register. Leave a few in your trunk or stash one in your purse for unexpected trips.
Go Greener: Buy in the bulk section of your favorite store. You'll get the same great products without all that waste.

Remember that it all begins with one step – so go ahead and try these out, tell your friends, spread the word and who knows one day we just might reach the tipping point. We remain optimistic, as small changes can make a big difference.

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