Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Toys for Tots – Safe for your child, kind to our Earth

It’s everywhere – on billboards, the television, radio ads and magazines. It won’t be long before all nations come together and “go green”. We read about eco friendly homes, with tips and advice on the how-to’s in going about this lifestyle change.

Anything and everything that could possibly entice you, pique your curiosity or encourage you to continue to take steps towards being kinder to the Earth is lain before you with one click of a mouse and a few key words.

So who’s to say that only grown ups can enjoy the benefits of going green? We all know the cliché, the future lies in the hands of our children; well the cheery toymakers of Rubbabu have taken it a step further.

Wilmington, DE-based Rubbabu Inc. has been focusing on their mission which is to create simple, classic, colorful and safe toys.

In 2010, while millions of toys were recalled from the marketplace due to concerns of high levels of lead and choking dangers, Rubbabu was raking in high level awards from one of the most discriminating industries in the nation.

Confusion surrounding various product lines often leave parents scrambling to find quality toys that are educational, eco-friendly and guaranteed safe.

At Rubbabu, much emphasis is given to ensuring that each toy created is simple, educational and made with love.

With more than 200 children’s toys ranging from finger puppets to building blocks, puzzles to magnetic upper case letters and action vehicles to animals on wheels, Rubbabu’s Toy Collection has been proven to be safe both for the planet and the children.

The Toys are crafted from pure natural rubber foam obtained direct from the rubber tree. And by extracting the sap without cutting down trees, Rubbabu ensures the entire process is fully sustainable. The company is also particular about the sources from which it acquires its ingredients, purchasing raw materials from Switzerland (yes, you read that correctly), the UK, America and Malaysia.

Their foam toys avoid the infusion of potentially harmful synthetic fillers. The toys themselves are eco-friendly as the company has adopted the mission of being as close as possible to fully-green, with only 1.2 percent of their production cost funding energy usage.

The response from the market has been quite positive – more and more parents and teachers, aunts, uncles and grandparents have become more aware of the state our world is in, and kudos to them for doing something about it.

And to the creators of Rubbabu toys, cheers and more power to you as you provide children all over the world with quality toys that actually do help make our earth a greener place to live.

For additional information about the Rubbabu line of handmade natural toys, visit

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