Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coming Clean.

Okay, so I’ve never really had to clean up after anyone, myself included, until I moved to Singapore 7 months ago. Yes, I know, shame shame. Anyway, since I started working in childcare, I’ve encountered all the kinds of messes one can ever imagine – I've cleaned up after potty time, wiped off spit ups and of course, wiped clean many a table covered in heaven- knows- what.

Until recently my center had been using a generic brand of cleaning agents. The only problem I’ve had with that was the fact that I’m deathly afraid my kids might touch it or the mere smell might cause them harm. I’ve watched our cleaning auntie huff and puff over table stains and stenches that even these would be tough stain removers can’t seem to clear away.

Enter Green Cleaners’ All Purpose Cleaner. I have come to appreciate this product for more than one reason: it is completely idiot-proof (the instructions they provide for you at the back of the bottle is clear as crystal), and it makes the life of a teacher (or anyone for that matter) so much simpler!

Let me paint you a picture. Earlier today, one of my toddlers decided he was tired of painting on paper and took the liberty of decorating my immaculately white tabletop bright red. As though that wasn’t enough, he grabbed a few crayons and scribbled quite furiously as well, leaving heavy marks of brown and streaks of dark blue. I was freaking out because we're very particular about keeping spaces tidy. In a tizzy I ran to the store room, took out my Green Cleaners’ All Purpose Cleaner and rushed back with a rag. Thirty seconds after I spritzed it all on the table top, I literally watched the paint come off. With a few easy swipes, my white table was restored! It was like nothing happened.

So I know it’s good with stains on surfaces, but get this – it’s also a miracle worker when it comes to getting rid of unwanted smells. A couple of weeks back, one of my children got sick all over the table, his chair and the marble floor. As usual, the smell was driving all the other tots insane! And when our cleaning auntie went to get the usual disinfectant, some children began to complain because they couldn’t stand the acid like stench of the cleanser. So I went and took the GC spray and used it all over the areas that had been cleared of throw up. I left it on for about a minute, wiped it off and lo and behold, the smell was gone. The greater thing is, it leaves no trace of any other smell – which is the way clean should be.
My children are going to be up and about in a few, so I’d better head off. I just wanted to give credit where it is due, and show appreciation for the things that help make my life as a childcare teacher easier.

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