Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bunny Hopping towards a Cleaner, Greener Lunar New Year

FENGSHUI practitioners say green is the colour to be clad in this Chinese New Year. For those who would like to take it a step further, however, here are some tips on how you can don a greener lifestyle, as well.

As some households may declutter in preparation for the coming new lunar year, a fair amount of things will be thrown out.That being said, here’s tip #1:Categorize your things – though it may have been a common practice in the past for you to simply throw everything out in one go, this year why not sort through your belongings for things that may still be useful? Giving to charitable institutions is always a good practice as well.

Chinese New Year celebrations can also generate more waste, especially food and beverage containers. This is where tip #2 comes in: Find the time to set aside all the used cans and empty bottles – it only takes a few minutes to sort them out and put them aside for recycling! Also, remember that mandarin orange peels and other kitchen wastes can be put to good use by turning them into compost for potted plants.

Another way to be kind to our environment (while being gentle on the pocket as well) is this – tip #3: Cook just the right amount of food. Though some people still believe in the ancient tradition that equates the abundance of food for prosperity and blessings, others find that cooking just enough minimizes wastage and allows for everyone to enjoy freshly made meals without having to endure days of eating leftovers

Another way to shrink the carbon footprint of the celebration is to refrain from giving out new banknotes in hong bao. This not only reduces paper waste but also traffic congestion (which can lead to higher carbon emissions) around banks.

Instead, the truly green hong bao you can give to everyone and the planet is by being thoughtful in what you eat, drink, consume and ultimately, discard.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Everyone!

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