Sunday, September 6, 2009

Five of the best: environmentally-friendly, safe cars

We all like to be green, but that shouldn't come at the expense of our safety. Thankfully the latest Euro NCAP test results have just been announced and with two hybrids among the top performers it seems you can save the environment and be around to enjoy it should you be unlucky enough to crash. We all want to be green when we're driving, but to do so typically it's best to be small and light. That goes against conventional thinking that bigger and heavier is best in an accident. Modern cars are supremely engineered for crashworthiness, meaning even some of the greenest cars your money can buy will help save you in the event of a collision. Euro NCAP tests cars for safety and has just announced its latest results. Among them are two hybrids, proving green cars can be safe too. Here's five of the best cars you can buy that protect not just you but the environment too.

Toyota Prius, Tough Toyota
Toyota's green darling is a tough performer in latest Euro NCAP tests.

Honda Insight, Hard Honda
Insight not just clean and green, it's a real star in Euro NCAP's crash tests.
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Renault Grand Scenic, Robust Renault
Carry more people and share the CO2 emissions among you with Renault's Grand Scenic.

VW Polo BlueMotion, Vice-less Volkswagen
Miniature Golf delivers big safety as well as excellent economy and emissions.
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Skoda Yeti, Sturdy Skoda
A tough, capable off-roader that's commendably green too, the Yeti is worth hunting down.

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