Thursday, September 17, 2009

5 Best Tips for Easy Line Drying

Electric dryers are gigantic energy hogs. But even those of us with clothes lines occasionally resort to the lazy option. A little preparation can make it a whole lot easier to hang them up outside. Here are a few tips for making line drying easy:

- Keep a sturdy basket and clothes pins handy. There's nothing worse than scrabbling around for clothes pins, or trying to carry an overflowing basket out into the yard. Invest in the equipment that makes it easy.

- Buy a real clothesline. Just as a good basket and clothespins make it easy, so too does a decent, rotary dryer, or other system. A rope between two trees works fine - but you end up walking up and down hanging out the clothes, and that hassle adds up. The easier you make it, the more you'll use it.

- Keep an Eye on the Weather. It's obvious, but you should check the weather regularly, and not just to make sure you bring clothing in before it rains. You should also consider timing your washes to coincide with good drying weather - doing a load first thing in the morning to make use of the day's sunshine.

- Consider an indoor option. Many avid line dryers will resort to the electric dryer at a spot of rain. But often there is space in a storage room, or even a guest room, for an indoor drying rack. As long as you ensure plenty of air circulation, the clothes shouldn't suffer from undue smells or moisture.

- Enjoy it. The sun is shining. You're outside. A breeze is blowing. And you are doing something good for the planet and your wallet. Take time to enjoy the moment - the more drying becomes a pleasure, not a chore, the more enticing it becomes.

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