Monday, May 4, 2009

Make Your Own Jewelry Cleaner

Everyone loves to see their jewelry shine like the afternoon sun! But as silver is exposed to the air, it oxidizes, which causes it to tarnish. Additionally, your precious gems can become clouded by oils on your hands. Many of us turn to chemical cleaners to keep our silver shinning and gems gleaming. However, making your jewelry sparkle can be way easier on the planet and even cheaper than many conventional jewelry cleaners.
Make your cleaner from all plant and mineral based cleaning products to ensure that your cleaner is eco-friendly and free of unnecessary packaging.

What you'll need for the jewelry cleaner:
A soft toothbrush
¼ cup (non-ammonia) eco-friendly window cleaner
1 tbsp natural toothpaste
A damp cloth


For gems, use the toothbrush and the window cleaner to gently polish your gems.
For silver jewelry, use the toothpaste and a damp cloth to clean the metal.
Scrub those precious babies until you can see yourself in them :)

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