Monday, May 11, 2009

5 Inexpensive Green Items Everyone Should Own!!

Let's keep this simple, and brief: if you're new to the green lifestyle, these 5 items are absolute musts. (If you're not, then you might already have most of them) And don't worry—these are some of the simplest, cheapest, and most readily available goods around. They just so happen to be green staples: they're some of the most important things you can buy to cut down on waste and save major energy.

So get your hands on these 5 cheap green goods: they'll make a world of difference in reining in your carbon footprint:

Thermos/Mug/Water Bottle: I told you this was going to be easy. Having a trusty water bottle, thermos, or mug that you can carry around and fill up with water or coffee at various establishments will cut down on phenomenal amounts of waste over the years.

Tote bag: Put an end to the paper or plastic eco conundrum once and for all—get yourself a reusable tote bag and don't let either pile up in landfills.

Clothesline: Our culture dictates that convenience and expedience come first—hence the clothes drier being ever presnet in our homes. But it shouldn't be. Why pay for and suck down electricity, when you can dry your clothes for free? Sure, it might take a bit longer, but using a clothesline is cheaper and greener.

Smart Strip: These handy surge protectors will stave off the effects of vampire power—how plugged in appliances drain electricity even when turned off. Smart strips vary in affordability, though the savings in electricity will more than make up for the cost. These are a must for any green home.

Water Filter: Combine this with numero uno, and you'll never have to buy bottled water again. This is one of the most important items every environmentally conscious soul should own—it turns your tap into an endless fountain of fresh tasting water, and cuts the waste out of your water.

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