Sunday, April 5, 2009

Going Green with Oprah....

These easy eco-friendly tips from Oprah not only lighten your footstep, they also make you feel better about your life. Living green affects your whole psyche.

There’s nothing better for your mind and soul than treading lightly on the planet. You’ll save money with some of these green tips, and your family’s physical and emotional health will also improve. When you apply these easy eco-friendly tips, you’ll see the psychologcial benefits of living green.

You can also harness positive energy by living green.

Eco-Friendly Tip #1 on Oprah: Eco-friendly Canvas Bags
When you’re deciding between paper and plastic at the grocery store, choose neither. Plastic takes 1,000 years to decompose and paper bags use 14 million trees a year. Instead, an easy eco-friendly tip is to use cloth grocery bags. Any cloth bag will do, but Oprah said that her website is selling organic cotton canvas bags made without pesticides.

Another easy eco-friendly tip on Oprah is to use an organic mesh bag for organic produce. One eco-friendly expert urged consumers to look at the amount of packaging in the grocery store. Since petroleum-based packaging isn’t good for the environment, buy items that use minimal packaging.

This easy eco-friendly tip may cost you a little more money: organic produce. It’s a green tip because it takes less energy to harvest and doesn’t use pesticides, so it’s healthier for the planet. But, organic produce isn’t necessarily a green money saving tip – though it could make you physically healthier.

Eco-Friendly Tip #2 on Oprah: Eco-Friendly Eating
One green tip is using one less napkin a day because paper napkins make a huge difference. Give up one paper napkin a day, and you’ll save a billion pounds of paper waste in landfills a year. Using cloth napkins is one easy eco-friendly tip on Oprah that makes a huge difference.

Eco-Friendly Tip #3 on Oprah: Natural Cleaning Products
“Clean doesn’t have a smell,” says one environmentally friendly family. When your bathroom is clean, it shouldn’t smell like pine or lemon. Switch from toxic to non-toxic, natural cleaning products and cleaning services. We only use non-toxic products, which improve your family’s healthy by being less likely to cause asthma attacks.

Eco-Friendly Tip #4 on Oprah: Change Your Lightbubs
Most of the energy comes from coal-fired plants. A compact fluorescent light bulb is more energy-efficient and will save your money in the long run. CFL lightbulbs are energy smart; they’re more expensive, but they’ll last longer.

Eco-Friendly Tip #5 on Oprah: Daily Green Tips for Every Family
These easy eco-friendly tips are things you can do every day.

Use the same cups over and over.
Don’t run the dishwasher unless it’s absolutely full.
Don’t throw clothing or shoes away, especially leather shoes.
Buy clothes at secondhand, consignment, or resale shops.
Put power strips on your tv to turn everything off when you go to bed or leave for the day. Vampire or standby power drains energy.
Another eco-friendly tip on Oprah is to go to a landfill and see where your garbage goes. It doesn’t just disappear! When you see a landfill in person, you’ll think twice about what you throw in the garbage and what you recycle. Recycle as much as you can.

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