Friday, March 27, 2009

Greening your transportation choice....

1. Before getting in your car, consider whether you could reach your destination by another means. Walking regularly can reduce your risk of heart problems and other illnesses, as well as making you fitter!
2. Identify your most common destinations, and investigate whether you could get there by bus, train, bike, or walking. A recent study found that on average, people overestimate the time that journeys by public transport will take by more than 80% and underestimate the time that car journeys will take by 18%2. Is it really quicker to drive?
3. Travel to work or school by public transport, walking, or cycling once a week. You might find that you enjoy it.

When driving, you can still take simple steps to being more mindful....

1. When driving, get rid of any surplice weight, such as roof bars or bike racks.
2. Use air conditioning carefully, as this increases fuel consumption by 15%.
3. Change into a higher gear as soon as possible.
4. Accelerate and brake as slowly and smoothly as possible.
5. Drive at slower speeds - driving at 100 kmph uses 30% more fuel than driving at 40-55 kmph.
6. Have your car serviced regularly - an incorrectly adjusted carburettor can waste up to 25% of fuel. Incorrect tyre pressure can increase fuel consumption too.
7. Switch off your engine at short stops (more than one minute).

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