Sunday, February 1, 2009

A pet owners guide to poisons in the home

You know, family pets (and all animals) risk all kinds of poisoning from all kinds of places. There are many poisonous materials that are used around the home by people every day — things like bleach, cleaning sprays, detergents, dish liquid, window cleaners, weed killers, lawn sprays, acids, fertilizers, paints . . . the list is endless.

Here's what you can do if your pet is poisoned:

* Keep the animal warm and quiet

* Try to determine what the poison was, when it was ingested, and the amount swallowed

* Immediately call your veterinarian or your nearest poison control center

* Get rid of the Toxic cleaners and get rid of the potential accident!! Visit our website for a healthier choice

If you decide to take the pet to your veterinarian, bring the container (or the label) with you. Most of the time poisoning is accidental. Keep poisonous materials out of reach, know what your pet is doing at all times, and keep emergency telephone numbers handy.

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