Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bee Gee fathers a child with his live-in housekeeper

With Valentine's day on the way....something a little different for you involving the housekeeper! :)

Robin Gibb, the 59-year-old married Bee Gees star has allegedly been having an eight-year romance with 33-year-old Claire Yang, as part of the open relationship he enjoys with his wife Dwina Gibb.

But Dwina has reportedly kicked the new mother out of their Oxfordshire mansion because she felt "betrayed" by the pregnancy. Claire gave birth to Gibb's daughter, Snow Robin, last November and is now living five miles away from the couple in a house rented by the musician.
Gibb is named as the father on the child's birth certificate and his occupation listed simply as 'musician', while Claire is described as a 'housewife'.

Until the pregnancy the couple - who married in 1985 - have always spoken positively about their unconventional marital arrangement. In 2003, Robin said: "Right from the beginning we negotiated an open relationship. I can share part of my life with other women but it's a case of them having to accept Dwina, too."

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