Tuesday, April 26, 2011

School promotes environmentally friendly living

More and more schools are taking part in the eco movement, working towards raising awareness within the educational community with regards to going green. It makes me proud to be a teacher when I come across projects like this one, wherein people unite for such a meaningful cause.

Bancroft, Canada - North Hastings High School is putting the earth first as a part of their Earth Week event that will take place between the days April 11 and 15. Collectively, the students will be taking part in a number of different activities and shifts in their daily schedule to help promote more environmentally friendly living.

The week will begin with one of the simplest ways to take care of the planet: picking up the trash. The Monday will see gym classes sparking the week off with taking some time outside cleaning up the community by picking up garbage that lies all over Bancroft after the snow melts.

After picking up the trash, students will then be encouraged more on the Tuesday to eliminate the amount that is wasted each day. Students who come into class using reusable plastic containers will get points for their colour team in the ongoing House Points competition for the 2010-2011 school year. To further encourage the elimination of waste at the school, vending machines will also be shut down for the day not only conserving energy but also stopping the access to the wasteful packaging that fills bins at the school each and every day.

Wednesday will see a large portion of the school go lights out. All the lights will go off for one period of class to save energy and to rely on the natural light that is provided by nature itself. Though the lights will stay on in the tech wing of the school for obvious safety reasons, the rest of the school will be able to take part in a huge energy conservation initiative.

Thursday will be Earth Care Day at the school with the student-driven group serving hot chocolate in the rarely used courtyard at the school. For many of the students who spend their breaks inside the walls of the school, the hope is that there will be an appreciation for earth the week is dedicated to saving by spending some quality time soaking up the sun.

The week will conclude with an eco-friendly twist of fabric. Earth Care along side the NHHS Student Council is putting on a Green Fashion Show. The clothes that will be shown off to the student body will be made solely out of recycled items. House Points are also available on that day in the construction of a artistic statue that is to be made out of recycled items from the school.

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