Thursday, April 7, 2011

KABAKA accelerates ‘clean and green’ project in Manila’s streets

MANILA, Philippines -- Count this high, for ‘it can be done.’

The civic, service-oriented Kabalikat ng Bayan sa Kaunlaran, prominently known in the metropolis as “KABAKA” is putting to high gear its clean and green and beautification campaign in Manila residents’ backyards, side streets and riverbanks.
Being that the limited space bounding private residences, commercial, industrial and even government-owned edifices have not hindered the progress of this program, members of the board are confident that this project that has been going on for more than decade and a half, will continue to soar.

The program is a major tenet in KABAKA’s project for sanitation and hygiene.
The call lodged to city residents is one to protect the environment, encouraging every member of the community - man or woman, youth or adult, high ranking government official or private enterprise executive down to the working man on the street, to take heed of Mother Earth’s pleas – to which each individual aired nods of agreement and approval.

On Dec. 5, 1985, KABAKA was founded as a non-stock, non-profit, socio-economic, cultural, civic and service-oriented organization in Malate, Manila.

In 1987, founder Amado Bagatsing was elected Representative of the 5th district of Manila, and through his initiative, a sibling known as KABAKA Foundation, Inc. was developed, and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 1988.
This movement began not solely for the purpose of cleaning and beautification, but most importantly in effect, as an enhanced course of action to protect the city environment, which must be set in the minds of the city residents not only during the time of cleaning or dredging the riverbanks, but must be observed at all times, because human health is a paramount factor that is at stake and needs utmost protection.

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