Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ecotopia Brings Eco-Friendly Gameplay to Gamers on Facebook

We all know that Facebook is just full of all these games right? Well, for those who are devotees of said games, and even those who are closet game enthusiasts, here’s an excuse for you to stay hooked onto your laptops, ipads and PCs – just tell everyone to leave you alone, you’re helping the Earth!

What’s the newest way to go green? Play Ecotopia. For a limited time only, select Facebook gamers can sign up to play the upcoming eco-friendly Facebook game during beta testing before its official launch. Developed by new independent game studio, Talkie (, in association with Conservation International (CI), Ecotopia is a Facebook gaming adventure advocating environmental activism through engaging storylines and dynamic gameplay.

Players interested in beta-testing the game can visit the official Talkie website for a chance to participate before the trial ends.

In Ecotopia players are tasked with transforming an unsustainable city into a digital paradise, in an eco-themed, hero versus villains challenge. Players participating in the closed-beta trial will encounter the following features:
• In-game quests – By carrying out in-game quests to generate resources and utilizing what they collect, players can develop their own environmentally friendly areas.
• Interactive activism – To add to the game’s philanthropic message, gamers who perform real-world acts of sustainability and upload photos and video will be rewarded with in-game points.
• Ecotopia TV – Players can view video clips from Conservation International and participate in green contests, either by voting on videos from other players or uploading their own.

So get on in there, join the bandwagon and get those fingers working! At the very least, wouldn’t it be nice to know all the hours spent are being put to good use?

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