Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Eco-Friendly" Weddings a Top Trend for Spring

Everyone seems to be jumping onto the engagement bandwagon – which means that as we speak, engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelor parties and of course, wedding receptions are being planned.

It used to be that the brides to be would be fussing over everything whilst the groom’s main contribution is just to show up on time; however recent studies have shown that couples nowadays are taking it upon themselves to extend a little extra something to enjoy a ceremony that is kind to the Earth as it is beautifully creative.

Top wedding trends for Spring 2011 cover a few themes – your customary traditional with a modern twist, the simple yet elegant with bold color choices and dominating patterns as well as destination ceremonies that draw families and friends to the most serene and breathtaking locations. The common denominators of these themes according to research, however, is that most couples hope to also raise awareness by showcasing their environmental consciousness not just at the actual wedding, but in the process as well.

As couples move toward having less conventional weddings, eco-friendly concepts are rapidly growing in popularity, which can lend itself to an array of styles from the elegant to the more casual backyard affair. This speaks to how environmental trends continue to take hold and crop up in what might be considered unlikely places.
Below are the top Environment Friendly Wedding Themes that are trending today. So whether you happen to be a frazzled bride, an eco conscious couple or an eager single woman who just enjoys perusing the net for wedding related ideas, have a look and see if any of these would be your cup of tea:

• Green (Eco-Friendly) Weddings - Eco-friendly weddings are emerging. Everything from sustainable wedding dresses to plantable favors and recycled invitations will be commonplace. The setting will likely be an outdoor venue or tent, with decor consisting of LED lights and locally produced flowers. Green, brown and rust are common color choices.

• Vintage Inspirations - Vintage inspired weddings are one of the biggest trends for 2011. Brides can be glamorous and chic without breaking the bank. Common themes include beaded or feathered hairpieces, and natural and outdoor settings. These weddings could include lots of lace and do-it-yourself touches such as homemade favors and hand-tied ribbons around the invitations. Softer, muted colors help add a touch of romance to the occasion.

• Traditional Elegance with a Modern Twist - This bride embraces the traditional wedding but wants to add her own personal flair. This may include an unexpected pop of bold and bright colors with her clutch or shoes, a unique hair piece, bold necklace or modern invitations and stationary. Colors are primarily white, silver and ivory with a minimally used accent color like red or chartreuse.

• Bright and Bold Color Choices - Expect to see lots of color in 2011, from the Pantone® Color of the Year - Honeysuckle Pink to Turquoise, Coral and the ever popular Apple Green. Bold colors are hip, attention grabbing and the perfect way to add lots of personality to your special day.

• Black - Like the little black dress, Black is always in fashion. Although it is traditionally associated with more formal black-tie events, today it lends itself to a variety of styles from contemporary and elegant weddings, to the romantic and baroque. It also pairs well with almost any accent color.

Whichever theme you decide to go with, remember that there are numerous ways to make your wedding memorable – with a green twist! You can opt for fabrics made from natural fibers, create the invitations and party favors yourselves, have a feast with an organic spread and beautify your setting with locally produced flora.

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