Thursday, August 28, 2014

Just Breathe.

How aware are you, really, of your breathing? We're not talking yoga relaxation methods or hypnosis inhale exhales, we mean the general, day to day breaths we take (or hold) when we are tense, stressed, excited or simply going about our day doing emails and making phone calls. In the hectic bustle of today's world, breathing could possibly fall to the bottom of your reminders list; it is, after all, a natural movement of air into your lungs. So why are we rambling on about its true significance?

“Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life.” (Gregory Maguire, A Lion Among Men)

Every breath you take brings to life your dreams, your fears, your fondest memories. Does it not then make sense for you to ensure that each time you inhale, you are breathing in a high standard of quality indoor air?

We like to share ideas on how to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle. Today however, our focus will lie solely on five eco friendly alternatives that allow you to rest easy knowing that your space is filled only with the 'good air', because good indoor air quality begins at home.

1. Flora, flora, flora.

There are many home and cleaning products that emit chemicals found in paints and lacquers. Clean-air plants, such as the Lady Palm, the Boston Fern, the Snake plant and the Wax Begonia, do more than just purify. Houseplants are the eco-friendly alternatives to air purifiers! They rid homes of pollutants to any potentially negative home environment. Take the time to check out your local flower market and ask around about these green air cleaners. We promise, they're worth it.

2. Let the Air Flow.

Opening windows provides easy cross ventilation and introduces cleaner air. By allowing the air to circulate, you also allow any residual cleaning chemical odours from things like your carpet and curtains to find their way out of your home.

3.  Green Purification.

There are a lot of eco friendly air purifiers out in the market that are highly efficient and operate on little energy. Devoid of lead, they work by filtering toxic particles and have been known to ease allergies, asthma and calm the common cold.

4. Get On Top of Your Cooling and Heating Systems.

When your air conditioner is on, as when the heater is hard at work, they cause dust particles to flow freely about. Sound gross? It's totally true. The solution though is pretty simple - just make sure that you have someone come in and clean all filters before they actually need a good scrubbing. This prevents all the pesky dust sheets from even forming!

5. Invest in Green Cleaners.

Not all of us are happy homemakers; we don't always have the time to concoct DIY cleaning products from lemon, vinegar and baking soda. The alternative? Look out for cleaning products that are natural. Be careful not to fall for the cheapest or the one in the prettiest looking packaging - read labels and research because you can never be too well informed about what you use in your home. Eco friendly cleaning products do not emit chemicals and usually have no after-smell because the truth is, clean does not smell like lemon or flowers - clean, smells of clean.

 Breathe in, breathe out, and if you haven't already, check out our line of green cleaning products:

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