Monday, September 1, 2014

Build A Business, Save the Planet!

Feeling a burning desire to take your entrepreneurship to a new level? Saving the Earth does not have to be down solely to lifestyle - spread the green and share the love by making the world a better place to live all year round! Here are some of the booming business ideas that have taken flight all over the globe. Have a gander and see if anything tugs at your heartstrings and draws you in for an eco-adventure into being self employed.

1. Handmade products that are organic/natural.

Soaps, lip balm, and even cleaning products can be created with things you can find at home, or at a market. Recipes that are easy to follow are readily available online, but not everyone has the time or patience to actually create them. If you package them and sell them as sets, clients will jump at the chance to have these items on hand without having to dig into their own time and resources.

2. Eco-Event Planning.

Whether it's a big bash or a simple get together, it has become very common for a lot of people to hire event coordinators to deal with the details of their party plans. Why not offer a better, healthier alternative? Your main selling point can be the marriage of two wonderful ideas - the party you're planning and saving the Earth! Find green venues, recyclable (or recycled) party materials and create sustainable event management ties that are good for the environment. 

3. Recycled Fashion.

We don't mean bell bottoms that have come back with a vengeance or ripped biker jeans that are back on the runway - we mean actual organic materials used to make beautiful scarves, dresses and accessories! You'd be surprised what creative minds (and hands) can do with fabric scraps and other reusable material.

4. Earth Friendly Landscaping.

Think you may have a green thumb that's just bursting to come out? Offer homeowners your time and eco friendly techniques to maintain a greener garden - drought resistant plants and synthetic turf as well as trees grown strategically saves money, energy and water.

5. Franchise an already established Green Company.

As with every business, building your way up from scratch can be quite a feat; it can be intimidating, time consuming and frustrating especially if you're unsure about a lot of things. Why not opt to do research on companies that have already hit markets and made a big splash? Remember to consider how green they actually are, and also keep in mind why you are doing this to begin with. If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, look to a company that has already been known to do exactly that.

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