Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Eco Parents (to Furry Babies!)

It isn't always easy being green - but it can be fun, cool and simple if you take the time to remember these tips to turn yourself into the meanest, greenest eco parents to your furry (or scaly, or shell-y) pets!

The Power of the Poo.

Yes, we went there. Truth be told though, whether you have cats, dogs, or bunnies - pet waste generates a lot of waste so consider making a little change here that could have a big impact. If your furry child tends to do his or her business outdoors, why not use biodegradable poop bags instead of grocery bags?  Think about it - 365 days a year times twice or thrice a day of throwing away plastic bags that will forever be deep sixed in some landfill? Ick. If you have yard space, you can also look into septic and compost systems for pet waste. For cats and other pets that use litter, use options that contain fewer chemicals and mined materials. Some options are even flushable – which leads to fewer garbage bags.

Pro-Earth Grooming.

Be conscious of the ingredients used in your pet shampoo. In this day and age of the green boom, there are certainly loads of environmentally friendly options not just with the products themselves - you can also use washable towels instead of throw away wipes!

 Trim the Treats.

Not only do most treats come in bags or containers that we wouldn't reuse - a lot of them also contain preservatives and artificial flavours that aren't good for your pet especially on a long term basis. Consider making your own treats at home using food that may have been leftover from last night's dinner. This way you know exactly what's going into your pet; after all, you're more than likely the one cleaning it up when it comes out the other way.

Go Big or Go Home.


Buying litter, food, and treats in larger quantity bags is usually a great cost-saver, but it also means less packaging waste. Think about the bags you'll stop from ending up in a landfill over the course of a year. Get a refillable container with a good seal to keep food from going stale.

Don't have a pet but thinking of getting one? Adopt a pet. There are so many animals our there that need a loving home, and it is the ultimate way to recycle! They get a chance to be loved by a family and you adopt a new member of the family. Don't forget to have them spayed or neutered if you aren't ready to have them knowingly reproduce. This prevents strays, sickness and more homeless pets on the streets.

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