Saturday, August 9, 2014

Happy National Day, Singapore!

Today Singapore celebrates it's 49th birthday. As a tribute to this beautiful city we would like to highlight a few fun facts about why it is known internationally to be one of the most green cities in the world.

 Longest Running Campaign to Save the Planet.
    Singapore's Clean and Green Campaign has been around for nearly two decades, hosting regular events, activities and community all over the city, pretty much all the time. Not only do they get the whole family involved, they raise awareness on the importance and urgency of moving into the green lane. Can you say sustainable effort?

 Children Are, Indeed, the Future.
    Another project called Green Singapore 2050 provides a platform for the younger generation to take part in becoming planeteers. They are encouraged to ask questions, find solutions and voice their concerns. Why? Simply because the youngsters of the next generation are the ones in line to inherit the earth - and they are being given the responsibility to take matters in to their own hands and make changes in their lives as early as today.

 Government Generosity.
     Singapore is so serious about this green stuff that the government actually absorbs a percentage of spends when locals do the right thing. This includes making the right car choices and getting a discount on certain wedding venues if you prove you have taken at least 8 eco friendly measures to ensure your special day leaves a smaller carbon footprint!

It's Called the Garden City.
   Come on now, have you looked around? It may have started as a coined nickname for this charming city but today, wherever you go, side streets and main roads are lined with greenery. Trees adorn estates, landed properties and parks. Singapore has turned itself into a beautiful town of lush flora and we are proud to be part of the green movement.

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