Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another reason to have a Stellar after a long day at work!

Over the past 12 months, InBev-owned Stella Artois has taken various measures to lessen its environmental impact, making its packaging greener and engaging consumers in recycling initiatives.

Since the start of their "Recylage de luxe" campaign last July, all Stella Artois' cans have been made from at least 50% recycled aluminium, the brand is working with its suppliers to ensure all its bottles are above the industry standard of 75% recycled glass, and its corrugated Stella Artois boxes are made from 100% recyclable paper. In November last year, Stella Artois launched two further advertising campaigns focusing on its use of compostable carton board and highlighting that its beer is brewed using just four ingredients. So little, yet so yummy :) burp! Stella Artois says that the overarching campaign has so far "been very successful". It says that its marketing has been "very motivating for consumers".

InBev has pledged to continue taking measures to improve the environmental credentials of its packaging and will continue to use advertising to communicate developments to consumers. The only downer for me is my lil' beer belly and age is really not helping in keeping it away hee hee hee but I just can't stop myself! One more Mr.

Tip of the day: Slow down to save on your fuel and lessen your pollution. It will benefit the air around you, save your hard earned money and make you a more patient man/woman ;)

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