Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Keppel go greener with eco-efficient elevators

Singapore developer Keppel Land is taking sustainable development one step further with the use of eco-friendly elevators for its iconic development, Reflections at Keppel Bay.

“A BCA Gold Green Mark award development, Reflections at Keppel Bay is another good example of Keppel’s commitment to develop properties which harmonise with the environment and enhance the quality of life of our homeowners,” says Augustine Tan, CEO, Singapore Residential, Keppel Land.

Keppel will be using Kone elevators that will increase the development´s eco-efficiency. 49 KONE MonoSpace elevators and 18 KONE MiniSpace elevators powered by the KONE Eco Disc will be used.

This will result in about 70 percent reduction in energy costs compared to a hydraulic elevator and 50 percent less compared to a geared traction elevator.

Keppel said this significant reduction in energy consumption and electricity usage will have a direct impact in lessening the development’s carbon footprint.

Typically, buildings make up about 40 percent of the global energy consumption with elevators consuming some 5 to10 percent of the building’s entire energy consumption.

Nine units of the KONE MiniSpace elevators in the high-rise residential blocks at Reflections at Keppel Bay will be equipped with the KONE regenerative system.

This system has a regenerative ability which regenerates power back to the owner´s supply network for the use in lighting of the building.

All elevators are capable of switching to standby mode turning off the lights and fans, a few minutes after the last trip.

Other “green” features in the development include the use of double-glazed and low emissivity glass to reduce heat, homes will also be provided with energy-efficient refrigerators, washing machines and inverter air-conditioning.

A system of filtration and underground tanks will be collecting and recycling rainwater for landscaping.

Reflections by Keppel Land, is certified Gold under the Building Construction & Authority´s (BCA) Green Mark scheme, along with its three previous developments, namely, Madison Residences, The Promont and Six Avenue Residences.

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