Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Robot Maids?!

The key to change is that it can be fun too :)

With fun in mind, this video clip made me laugh. Maybe in the future, we'll be putting are feet up and letting robots vacuum the carpet....

A Japanese robot research centre have created a robot that can do household chores. Japanese scientists have created a robot that mops up, does the laundry and even cleans the kitchen. The 'Assistant Robot' is the brain child of Tokyo University's Information and Robot Technology (IRT) Research Initiative system research centre and a slew of japanese companies including Toyota Corp, Sega, Panasonic and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

The robot can "see" three dimensional objects and locate them as well as recognising when a job has not been completed properly and move to complete it. Laundry is said to be one of its favourite chores. It can find a dirty shirt, throw it into a washing machine and push the buttons to wash and rinse and spin dry clothes. But those who think this might be the answer to their cleaning woes can't rejoice just yet. The research centre says it will be another decade or two before the robot can be mass-produced.

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