Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Green and Grateful.

Since the launch of our franchise in Adelaide at the beginning of September this year, we have received a wave of support from our new clients. Green Cleaners has always taken pride in being the best in every aspect, and from using our own eco-friendly, plant derived cleaning products to training our staff to provide you with 5 star service on every appointment, we strive to give you excellence.

We are overwhelmed by the warm welcome we have received, and look forward to being able to serve more families who have made the smart choice of going green. It fills us with great joy to know that our clients feel the difference of clean in its truest, greenest form.

One of our new clients has been generous enough to share their experience after having our staff service their home:

It is some years since I have had a cleaner and this time around I wanted to make sure that my cleaner shared my values in regard to caring for our earth and our health and would use only environmentally friendly cleaning products. I found Green Cleaners on the internet and was impressed by their website, which looked highly professional, yet friendly and easy to use. These first impressions carried through the entire process. Renato called me and arranged a time to come and see my home, discuss my needs and their services in order to provide me with a quote. 

I had several other quotes from other cleaning services also claiming to use ‘friendly’ products but Green Cleaners stood out as begin highly professional, really knowing their products and being committed to this healthier choice. Their quote was more expensive but I was willing to pay more to put my money where my values lie. Renato offered me a trial clean at a reduced cost, which I took up and was delighted with the result. The team were every bit professional, extremely thorough and efficient, and committed to green products. I have now signed up for regular cleans and am looking forward to life in my clean and healthy home.

Mrs. C, Henley Beach

It is because of such clients that we work tirelessly to provide you with the best option when it comes to ensuring the safety and health of you and your family. So from our Green Cleaners family to yours, thank you very much!

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