Monday, October 27, 2014

Food That Masquerade As Being Healthy!

Happy Monday, everyone! We at Green Cleaners believe that choosing to go green means improving all aspects of your lifestyle. Today, we bring you food that are pretending to be healthy - but are not.

Protein bars.
Just because they claim to have protein, doesn't mean they are actually nutritious. The truth is, with all the added sugars and preservatives in a protein bar, they are pretty much as bad for you as a bar of chocolate. If you want a quick pick me up, make your own mix of healthy nuts with antioxidants to snack on during the day.

Veggie Burgers.
Although a lot of veggie patties (especially those you make at home) are extremely healthy, some of those served in restaurants may be held together with loads of cheese, making it full of saturated fat. Before you order a veggie burger when you dine out, ask your server what they used to make the patties and how they were prepared. Better safe than sorry!

Frozen Diet Meals.
Most of the ready made meals that require little effort (microwave and serve) are actually packed to the rafters with sodium. Not only that, they tend to not have enough servings of vegetables making the diet unbalanced, which also causes you to get hungry soon after you've had a nuke and gobble meal.

Gluten-Free Desserts.
Some people do need to avoid gluten due to allergies and intolerance, but most of the gluten free options, especially cakes and cookies, actually contain just about the same amount of calories as their gluten-containing equivalents, if not more. They are also pricier, so it makes little sense to spend more if it's really not necessary.

Veggie Chips.
Don't be fooled by the sea of spinach chips, carrot chips, and pepper chips lining the snack aisle these days. Oftentimes these are no healthier for you than a regular bag of chips. Most still use potato as their base, and then sprinkle in a little spinach, tomato, or pea powder for color – and not a lot of added nutrition.

Multigrain Pasta, Bread and Cereal.
Whole grains are healthier than refined grains because they have more fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
However, multigrain might mean refined wheat flour with a dash of refined corn flour, and two kinds of refined flours isn't necessarily better for you than one. Check the ingredients list. If it says "whole wheat" or "whole corn" near the top, then you're actually getting the extra health benefits.


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