Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Eco-Friendly Halloween Ideas.

It's that time of the year again - spooky costumes and creepy crawlies all about the streets as both parents and children alike enjoy dressing up for Halloween!

If you're one of those eco-conscious people who believe that children do not need copious amounts of candy all in one go, here are 5 better options for giving away to the wee trick or treaters this year:

1. Honey Sticks.
Not only do they come in lots of various flavours, they are sweetened only by nature and made easy to consume. Readily available in most markets as well as coffee shops everywhere, these yummy treats are an ideal substitute to all that candy!

2. DIY Treats.
If you *must* give out sweets and treats, why not make your own? You can replace certain ingredients to create gluten free, lactose free and organic options, and even decorate them so they look ghoulish and spooky.

3. Jump Ropes and Hacky Sacks.
It is always a welcome idea to motivate children to move and be active. Hacky sacks, which are little rice or bean filled bags that are balanced on feet and kicked to one another, are a fun choice. They are available for purchase in bulk at most party-supply stores, can be easily made or purchased by local or online artisans. Jump ropes are also available in bulk but can easily be made by cutting thin rope elastic into 10 feet each, knotting the ends. Instant fun!

4. Art Supplies.
Children are naturally creative, and there is little out there more wonderful for a child than a surprise supply of art materials. There are tons of non-toxic options out there, but feel free to make your own - melting old and broken crayons into a cookie mould churns out adorable new sets to get busy with.

5. Homemade Granola Bars.
All you need are oats, nuts of your choice and some honey. All the ingredients are customisable (maple syrup instead of honey keeps this vegan, replace nuts with dates if there's an allergy precaution), and it's super easy to make! If you take time to do the research there are loads of no-bake, vegan, organic options. A yummy treat that doesn't result in tots bouncing off the walls!

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