Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Failed Paris Olympic bid site now an Eco Friendly Urban Park

Arriving from the urban jungle of Istanbul, the many neighborhood parks of Paris are literally a breath of fresh air, with their stately tress, colourful blossoms, duck filled ponds and content strollers. Many have given city dwellers a natural respite for hundreds of years, but one of the most impressive is just a few years old – a space that may not have existed had Paris won it’s bid for the 2012 Olympics.

Bested by London for the honor of hosting the international games, Paris instead moved to transform the area in Clichy – Batignolles into the now lively Parc Martin Luther King, allowing families to enjoy picnics, lounging on lush young grass and resting on lounges found all around the beautiful area.

This park is home to many various trees including magnolias, cherry, apple and dogwoods. Its shrubbery is meticulously maintained as are the flowers, the lawn and a colourful community of herbs and vegetables.

The city plans to further develop the area to include apartments, office spaces, shops, school and even an expanded metro line. The park, which is to be further enlarged, will remain to be the centrepiece of the ecological development in line with the utmost goal which has been to emphasize the essentials of what a green space really is: a corner for nature in the heart of a city; one that is beautiful, fragile and productive.

There’s another reason to fly over there for a holiday, not to say that Paris lacks any luster when it comes to attracting tourists!

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