Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eco – Friendly Easter Baskets created by Moms for the family to enjoy!

New York, NY - When two best friends decided to join forces to create simple yet fun family-friendly activity kits in 2009, they would never have dreamed how popular their creations would become.

Alison Zajac and Ailis Martin conceptualized packaging some of their family-fun projects for retail when they noticed how many other parents commented on the unique crafts and hobbies that the two moms did with the neighborhood children.

"We would bring our children to the beach when they were little, and make plaster molds of their feet in the sand," Alison commented, "It never failed that other parents would come up and ask if they could join us and do the same. That's how Sandy Feet, our first kit, came to be. We realized if we could make these hobbies easier for parents to do with their own kids, they would be more likely to get their family to participate in these activities. Family activities are not only fun and educational, but they create priceless memories that last forever."

This Easter season Spots and Ladybugs introduces the original Easter Grass-kit™, where kids can grow real grass in their Easter baskets, creating beautiful springtime decorations, wonderful memories, and leaving a fresh treat for a certain hungry bunny on Easter morning, not unlike leaving milk and cookies out for Santa! This earth-friendly alternative to wasteful plastic "grass" also provides children an educational experience as they track the seed growth daily, watching it sprout into lush green blades growing to clipping length in only 7 short days.

Parents nowadays are just so consumed by taxing routines at work and even the daily grind at home. Activities that are prepared and ready to enjoy make it easier for families to come together and spend quality time being creative with crafts that are good for the environment as well.

About Spots and Ladybug, LLC:
Spots and Ladybugs, LLC is a burgeoning manufacturer of innovative fun-time activity products. Designed with family fun in mind, Spots and Ladybugs designs and develops a growing collection of project and hobby kits that are easy to use for all ages. Spots and Ladybugs offers a unique selection of activity kits that are designed to inspire children's creativity and self-confidence while creating memorable moments between parents and children alike.

For more information visit: www.spotsandladybugs.com.

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