Wednesday, November 12, 2014

'Tis (Almost) the Season!

Sorry it's been a while, folks! We've been busy checking out ideas for everyone as we know it's that time of year again when parties are being prepared and dinners are being set for the holidays. Today, we are proud to present our ideas for a totally eco-friendly gathering!

Eco Invitations
Recycled paper invitations are the obvious choice, but they’re not the only choice. How about getting creative and with the help of your child making your own – this will give the party a personal touch and is a fun way of using pictures from old cards or even leaves and flowers from the garden. But without a doubt the greenest invitation of all is one that saves on stamps and trees.

Think local when planning your menu
Leave your taste for global delicacies behind as you plan the menu for your eco-friendly party. Buying locally produced food is one of the best things you can do to stay green, since it takes a tremendous amount of fuel to get those global delicacies to your table. Instead of Brie, buy locally produced artisan cheese for a nice change. Same goes for wine. Discover wineries in your area and serve that to your thirsty guests instead of a wine from thousands of miles away. Grass-fed beef burgers are another good idea for organic meal ideas, as well as locally produced baked goods and desserts. Also, now that the farmer’s market season is revving up, that’s the perfect place to find what’s in season (in your area) and save as well.

A few more food-related ideas
Have at least one dish that’s completely animal product-free. The reason is two-fold: 1) More and more people are cutting meat out of their diets, so you never know if a guest will be Vegan/Vegetarian. 2) Meat production is considered another strain on the environment. By concocting a delicious animal-free dish, you’re showing your guests that animal-free doesn’t mean free of taste. And instead of plastic wrap for leftovers, use tin foil since it can be recycled (dirty tin foil however cannot be). And if you like interactive desserts, what better than providing the makings for s’mores, using organic chocolate and having your guests find their own twigs (if the party has access to trees/yard), which they can use for toasting their marshmallows.

Don’t forget the beverages
Whether you’re serving up beer, wine or cocktails to your guests, again, think local. Beer is produced everywhere nowadays, same goes for wine. Search away until you find alcohol that was made as close to your residence as possible. And while it may be tricky to find locally produced Vodka or Gin, you can at least make sure the mixers are local, such as using local fruit and either juicing it, mashing it or however else you’d like. And if there are no wineries in your area, you can buy organic wine. Frog’s Leap and BonTerra are two great options.

 Decorate to please the Green Gods
A little creative ingenuity can go a long way in this area. From repurposing bandanas as napkins to using large leaves as name tags for which to write your guests names, there are many ways to be green. Instead of buying water bottles, serve up filtered tap water in old wine bottles. And for the tableware, other than using REAL plates, cups, silverware, etc, you can also buy biodegradable disposable tableware from Whole Foods (their 365 store brand of tableware), offering disposable plates and bowls made from sugar cane. And locally grown flowers, or mini trees that you plant afterwards, are an easy way to decorate your table and home for your eco-fete. Reusable centerpieces, such as bowls or veggies and/or fruit, also work.

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  1. How creative you are my dear!! I couldn’t even imagine doing all this. All these party tips are awesome. Before starting party decorations, we should clean the venue properly. I always use green cleaning products for that. What kind of products do you use friend?