Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eco Friendly Getaways for the Eco Conscious Adventurer

New Year, new plans! If you’re looking to see more of the world while still doing your part for the planet, we just might have the answer. Yes, choosing your destination is very important, but so is deciding where you want to stay. Sometimes a hotel can be just as fascinating to explore. So wherever you book your get away, be sure to check into an eco-friendly hotel. Here are some of the most unique yet sustainable, dwellings that offer a comfortable, earthy and adventurous room for a night.

Whitepod - Switzerland

Awarded the 2005 World Prize for Sustainable Tourism, Whitepod sits in a private ski area in Switzerland where it encourages environmentalism with its 15 spacious pods. Each pod is furnished with beds (with organic bedding), bathrooms and wood stoves. The dome shaped tents are pitched on wooden platforms that are isolated from urban pollution and help minimize its affect on the environment through limiting daily water consumption and electricity, reducing waste production and using renewable resources. Guests can also experience winter activities like hiking, skiing and snow-shoeing. It’s also opened during warm weather, for those who don’t like snow. Now, this is a great way to spend 1,700 meters up in the Swiss Alps.

Bella Sky Comwell Hotel - Denmark

This Scandinavian hotel went above and beyond with its architecture to ensure the utmost sustainability. The Bella Sky Comwell Hotel in Denmark incorporates a dual-tower design, and not just for show. The architecture benefits the environment, as the angled windows are part of the hotel’s energy-efficiency. With 812 rooms, 30 conference rooms, bars, restaurants and spas, it surely lives up to guests expectations. The inside is just as remarkable as the outside. A vertical garden wall wraps around the lobby, which provides air filtration and moisture control. The hotel is very dedicated to the planet and hopes to not only give their guests a warm stay, but also influence and educate them about the environment.

Dasparkhotel - Germany

The Dasparkhotel in Germany isn’t your ordinary hotel, so don’t expect to be staying in an actual building. Each room is crafted from repurposed robust drain pipes; how awesome is that? Within each room, a double bed, a storage space, light and power are available. The rooms are located near a bicycle path and sits on an old purification plant, with only five suites are available. As if this place couldn’t get any cooler, they also offer a “pay as you wish” system, meaning customers leave whatever amount they can afford. Now, that’s customer service.

Cavallo Point - California

Cavallo Point in San Francisco, California provides a luxury lodge housed in Golden Gate National Parks. Named one of the “Top 10 New American Landmarks,” it received LEED Gold Certification for its design and architecture. The lodge re-used historic materials and green building elements to create this homey hotel. In addition, it maintained a beautiful landscape by restoring it with native plants. It also uses energy-efficient appliances and fixtures, along with water efficient showers and many other eco-friendly elements.

There are many other unique, eco-friendly hotels across the globe. So if these don’t fit your fancy, be sure to check out other hotels, motels, lodges and eco-resorts that are truly benefiting the planet.

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