Sunday, December 2, 2012

Making a Comeback

Hi Friends! Today we are dishing out clever ideas to help common household items make a comeback instead of getting cast aside as rubbish. One of the best ways to avoid sending things to a landfill is to reuse them! Save the earth and be kind to your wallet. It's the best combination!

Carpet remnants: old carpets can easily be cut up into smaller reusable pieces. You can use a small mat for the garage or basement, line the bottom of pot and pan storage (it keeps the noise to a minumum) or even take a piece to line you doghouse!

Glass jars: these can be used to store leftover food, sauces, candies, cookies or transformed into a puggy bank! You can also get creative, decorate them and give them away as presents.

Corks: attach a cork to boat keys - if they end up in the water they will float! They also make great fish hook holders, as well as razor sharpeners (slide a dull blade through and get a few more uses our of the razor)!

Newspapers: old newspapers have a lot of uses around the house - you can line the bottom of your pet's cage with them, mix them under garden mulch to reduce the onset of weeds and even use them as wrapping paper! If you want to have a bit more fun, old newspapers also make for great paper mache crafts.

Shredded Paper: don't throw away all that shredded office paper! It can serve as packing material for storing or moving your breakable items and makes good kindling for a fire.

Tin Boxes: these make cute emergency kits to hold band aids, ontments, sewing kits and can even hold your change for the bus!

Toothbrushes: old toothrbrushes make good scrubbers - for those hard to reach corners in the bathroom tile, those stubborn clothing stains and the grime around your kitchen sink!

Styrofoam egg cartons: egg cartons make great storage options for odds and ends such as office supplies (thumbtacks, pins, paper clips) and even accessories like rings and cuff links!

Empty (and cleaned) pill bottles: these are another storage option - placing loose items such as beads, staple wire and string help keep the clutter at bay!

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