Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Greener Singapore

As small a city as it is, Singapore finds itself vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. It is also particularly concerned with the need to use resources efficiently, especially energy and water. As part of the global community, Singapore has been doing its part to reduce the overall carbon footprint.

As part of this effort, the national target to “green” at least 80% of all buildings in Singapore by 2030 was set in 2009. Championed by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), the green building movement has come a long way since it was started in 2005. Public sector buildings took the lead to go green to be certified under the Green Mark scheme.

But green buildings are only a part of the solutions. While energy efficient buildings and technology enhancements are important, the intelligent and conscientious usage of energy at the workplaces and our homes are just as crucial. This is because close to 20% of the total amount of electricity produced in Singapore are consumed solely by households.

Studies have also shown that in office buildings and shopping complexes, the occupants and tenants are typically responsible for about half of the total energy consumed in such buildings. The green movement must therefore go beyond buildings to reach and galvanise the community and individual into green action.

The movement for change has begun, and the time to act on it is now. With the support and encouragement of those behind the first steps toward making a greener Singapore, we are left with no excuses not to care. Small changes in lifestyles often turn out to have massive chain reactions, such as packing your own lunch to work, bringing a bag instead of using those provided by the shops, running your errands for the week in one day instead of spreading them out across a matter of days – all of these efforts add up and make a dent in changing our environmental impact for the better.

Take the time to care for the earth, and it will honour you the same courtesy. Respect our home and guide others around you to do the same. We hope you have had a fantastic weekend, and urge you to start your week right. Live healthy. Live green.

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