Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is putting a price tag on nature gonna work?

I just read an article about the UN estimating the cost of damage done by world's top firms which is estimated to be $2.2tn. That sounds like a hell lot of money to me. But is this enough?

I mean, would it actually stop these firms from damaging the earth further and make them change their ways? I'm sure they have the means to pay the hefty fines (if it's imposed on them). It might actually mean nothing to them. Wouldn't it make more sense to punish these people more harshly, make them see and realize the damage they have done and the affects it has made and make sure they change into a more environmentally friendly business instead of slapping a fine on them as if issuing them a speeding ticket? This fine system is just like a short cut for them to me and they probably won't take things seriously. They'll probably whip out their cheque book and write the amount on it without batting their eyelids. Any comments? Maybe you can make me see thing from another perspective.

Tip of the Day: Print on both sides of paper when printing or photocopying!

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