Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Turtle Island, Fiji Receives Eco Friendly Award

Turtle Island Resort in Fiji has once again gained praise for their sustainable efforts in the form of a "Blue List" award from Islands Magazine. Just twenty four locations in the world were chosen as recipients of the award, honoring ecologically sound beliefs and practices.

Turtle Island has long been considered a pioneer in the area of sustainable tourism and this award confirms their dedication to safeguarding its' pristine beauty while giving back to the community. All the bures, or cottages, are built by local craftsmen using natural products grown on the island. Owner Richard Evanson takes great pride in the stability and overall health of the island.

When Evanson bought the island in 1972, the landscape had been ravaged by wild goats and was uninhabited. He then made a commitment to restore the island to its' original lush condition because he perceived it as the responsible thing to do. He has planted over 500,000 native trees, restored the rainforest and re-established much of the flora and wildlife.The resort is located on a 500 acre private island and allows just 14 couples at a time. The ultimate in seclusion and privacy, guests enjoy private beach picnics of lobster and champagne or sunset dining on a floating dock in the famous Blue Lagoon. The all-inclusive resort offers gourmet meals, fine wines, champagne and spirits. Also included are all activities such as snorkeling, daily scuba diving, kayaking, deep sea fishing, horseback riding and mountain biking.

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