Friday, June 7, 2013

Green Carpet Cleaning is here!

Unlike other cleaning processes that leave dirt-laden water behind or just clean the surface of your carpet or rug, Green Cleaners now offers the system used by the most demanding professional carpet cleaners around the world - Air Cell Extraction, which cleans all the way down to the base of your carpet and extracts all the soil in just one pass. Air Cell Extraction technology uses thousands of tiny Air Cells which are 90% air and only 10% moisture, which prevents over wetting. Air Cell dramatically lowers moisture which eliminates problems associated with wet cleaning machines.

Reduced risks, Eco-friendly, Faster drying times...

• Reduce risk of accidental damage

• No danger of shrinkage, browning or mildew

• Reduce risk of bacteria and bad smells

• Dry time is only 1 - 2 hours

• US Green Seal certified chemical

• Deep cleaning and outstanding results

• Certified zero animal / alcohol bi-products in chemicals

Safer for people, pets and the environment.

To request a quotation for your office or home carpet or rug, please kindly email your enquiry to


  1. Excessive water from humidity or improper steam cleaning can break down the latex adhesive and cause rippling. Stretching the carpet can help the appearance but the carpet has probably been damaged and buckling will more than likely return. Replacement might be your best option.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this post. There are different methods to clean different carpets. You may require experienced janitorial company to keep your carpet fresh and clean. The best carpet cleaning approach is bonnet cleaning. In this method a buffing machine is used to pull the dirt from the carpet. This solution is Eco-friendly.

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